The Adaptation Robotic Manipulation Laboratory, led by Dr. Frank L. Hammond III, focuses on a variety of research topics including soft pneumatically-actuated robots, teleoperated manipulators, and sensory feedback enabled human augmentation devices. The goal of this research is to leverage our knowledge of human and animal biomechanics, novel soft sensing and actuation methods, human cognition and perception, and machine learning to create robots that boast the versatility and adaptability of biological organisms/manipulators, while possessing the precision, strength and speed of modern machines.


  • Graduate research position (Summer 2022) in mechanical or biomedical engineering, focused on the development and testing of pediatric haptic feedback display for treatment of peripheral neuropathy.

  • Graduate research position (Summer 2022) in mechanical or biomedical engineering, focused on designing a wearable device with a tunable mechanical interface.

  • Graduate research position (Summer 2022) in neuroscience and psychology, focused on the role of cognition wearable device design.

Please see the Opportunities page for details on how to apply.


The ARM Lab participates in several robotics outreach programs and science fairs, and is eager to participate in STEM-related K-12 camps and host high school students for summer research experiences.


  • Publication (March 2022): Alex’s paper entitled “Evaluation of a Pneumatic Vest to Treat Symptoms of ARDS Caused by COVID-19,” written with Dr. Max Weinmann, was accepted for publication in the Journal of Medical Devices. Congratulations, Alex!

  • Publication (June 2021): Alicia’s paper entitled “Recent advances in wearable biosensing gloves and sensory feedback biosystems for enhancing rehabilitation, prostheses, healthcare, and virtual reality,” written with Dr. Hong Yeo’s lab, was accepted for publication in Biosensors and Bioelectronics. Congratulations, Alicia!

  • Award (April 2021): Bryanna Lima’s research presentation entitled “Providing Proprioceptive Feedback Via A Simultaneous Skin Stretch and Vibrotactile Haptic Display” won Second Place Explore Presentation Award at the 2021 Undergraduate Research Symposium. Congratulations, Bryanna!

  • Award (April 2021): Alex’s presentation entitled “A Pneumatic Compression Vest for Transthoracic Manipulation of Ventilation-Perfusion in Critical Care Patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Caused by Covid-19” tied for Second Place in DMD Three-in-Five Competition

  • Publications (February 2021): Alicia Molina’s paper entitled The Effect of Mechanical Coupling on the Perception of Haptic Feedback was accepted for publication at the 2021 Design of Medical Devices (DMD) Conference.

  • Publications (February 2021): Lucas Tiziani’s paper entitled Factor Graph-Based Trajectory Optimization for a Pneumatically-Actuated Jumping Robot” was accepted for publication at the 2021 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA).

The ARM Lab is located on the 4th floor of the Uncas A. Whitaker Building, 313 Ferst Drive NW in Georgia Tech’s Biomedical Engineering Quad